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Iconic Scenes

Camera girl, Philadelphia, PA

Hot Dog, Sacramento, CA

Disney Attraction, Orlando

Powwow icon, Puyallup, WA

After Dark Barbie, Tacoma, WA

  Mummer redux, Philadelphia, PA

Auto, Rainbow Valley, WA

Pro Beach Volleyball, Philadelphia, PA

Morning Niece, Largo, FL

Bread and Butter, Tacoma, WA

Mask, Glove and Foil, Tacoma, WA

On Monterey Bay, CA

Face in the crowd, Philadelphia, PA

49er practice, Philadelphia, PA

Wildman Mummer, Philadelphia, PA

Grave, Williamsburg, VA

Aids Quilt Panels

Girl, Devon Horse Show, PA

Waterfront dock chain, Tacoma, WA

Camera guy, philadelphia, PA

Mummer man, Philadelphia, PA

Heidi, Sacramento, CA

Philadelphia Miss, PA

Stories, Tacoma, WA

The Wall, Washington, DC

Gizmo, Tacoma, WA



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